The fashion industry is forever changing with every passing year

You see trends, you follow them and you buy clothes accordingly. This is the exact opposite of what happens in the computer world, where everything stays the same forever.

Each day brings us a new trend and we follow it blindly to avoid disappointment. The robot fashion assistant wants to be part of this trend too and adds a positive perspective on it by bringing out an original idea that we can all agree upon.

For years, the United Kingdom has been one of the fashion capitals. Its beauty, glamour and sophistication have made it a trendsetter. Accessible to all classes, this country’s iconic style has not only influenced the rest of the world but also made people all over Asia, Europe and America fall in love with its clothes and makeovers.

What are some trends that have come out of its beauty industry? It is expected that each new trend will take decades to catch up with it. Fashion experts say that in 60 years time we need to be able to create clothing for anyone who wants them; even animals!